Thursday, October 4, 2012

Create your own flourishes!

Hello Practical Scrappers!  Practical Scrapper Julie here with an easy technique to make your own flourishes.
Material you will need to do this
Pearl Pen (you can also use Liquid Pearl or Stickles)
Transparency Sheet
Any flourishes you have on hand
A scanner and printer
Step 1
Scan your flourish face down on the scanner, save it and print.  This sheet will become your template.  You do not have a scanner?  You can use your camera and take a picture of your flourish.


Step 2
Put your transparency sheet on your flourish template and start dotting with your Pearl Pen.  If you are not satisfy with the result, just use a baby swipe and start again.
Step 3
Let dry.  The time will vary depending on the medium used.  I love to use Pearl Pens as they dry quickly.
Step 4
Once dry, trim around and your are ready to add it to your layout.

 Those flourishes are easy to make and the possibilities are unlimited.
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Rhonda Emery said...

tfs yours are beautiful.

Josie0602 said...

Fabulous idea! I love how yours turned out!

Cheryl First said...

Awesome idea! I'm smakcing my head wondering "how coe I didn't think of that?!" lol!
Cheryl First
aka Cafexpressions

Krisha said...

I too am beating my head against the wall LOL thanks for the wonderful tip. Yours look fab on your to give this a try!

Poornima said...

great tutorial..thanks for sharing!!

Beckie said...

How to cool is that? TFS.

Be blessed, Beckie

Glamotte said...

Wow thanks ladies for your great comments!

Kristie Maynard said...

What a genius idea! I will be pinning this one for future use. Love it! TFS!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing such a clever idea. I love flourishes and I love a frugal crafter!

Karen Conner said...

That is an awesome technique! Thanks for sharing.

Your layout turned out gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Terrific idea and one that I'll be back to try out. Your flourishes look great on your beautiful layout. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth

Gita said...

What a great idea. Thanks!!

Glamotte said...

Thanks ladies for your great comments. HOpe to see your layout with your home made flourishes.