Thursday, September 10, 2009

Focus: Punches

Simple shapes. Simple solutions!

So effective, these simple shapes can create patterned paper when used in numbers, trendy embellishments for pennies, and as our designers have proven – artwork. Cut them into pieces to create another shape, or add shapes together to get really creative.

Christine used her trusty punches to celebrate her daughter’s love of animals.

Jamie’s beautiful papers create a stunning flower – she tells you HOW here.

You probably noticed Jessica’s layout and card this week too – cherries, dots, titled TOGETHER. She makes perfect paper posies AND a butterfly on her layout, and a cute little chic for her card. She has instructions too and they are great.

Katherine’s formal flower integrates her stamping and her folded circles – Fabulous. She helps the rest of us out here.

Laurel’s layout not only creates sweet lollipop flowers, but an easy border with half circles!

We found an incredible card made by Sophia Landry at Sunny Stampin’ Inc. It’s an orange (complete with witty message suggestions :) and again – doable!

Notice a theme here? All of these simple methods use our simple punches – even the least of us punchers have a few – to make not-so-simple, FANTASTIC layouts and cards. I love simple solutions! Enjoy your supplies!

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Susan said...

All of the examples are wonderful! I am simply blown away by the delightful animals created almost entirely from circles. Thank you for sharing.