Thursday, October 1, 2009

Focus: Transparencies

I cut up my transparency, and made this..

..and this.

Practical Scrappers is all about using the supplies you already have. Even the ones you've forgotten about!

This transparency had certainly been pushed aside. I remembered it suddenly after thinking about this challenge for a few days. I’m so glad that I was challenged to use it, because on my own I don't think I would have. It was a Narratives by Karen Russell, 12x12 sheet. It’s kind of old-school paper, but the challenge is to use what I already have. And just because some of my materials might be 5 years old, doesn’t mean my pages have to look like they happened 5 years ago. Our design team demonstrates our expectation that your layouts will still be fun, trendy, and fresh. It’s not about using up your old supplies the “old” way. It’s about being practically innovative.

Christine took her transparency to her Cuttlebug to bring some texture to her sweet page about friends. Lovin the texture. She also created a card base with a transparency sheet, and so did Jessica – both are gorgeous. Check out Jessica’s blog to see her mini album using transparency as well as another card!

I was searching for an image of this transparency that I’d used, and I found a page within Creative Imaginations of Karen Russell’s creations using transparencies. Many of these are very doable and all of them are inspiring! I love using powerful words on layouts, and transparencies make that really easy.

Speaking of words, Amanda Muirhead used a template on her transparency to cut out her shape and then doodled on it to create a beautiful background for her page.

Catherine submitted this card to this week’s challenge which features a 3 dimensional butterfly. Not only does she share her final result, she explains how to do it yourself! -Beautiful!

And if you’re really into texture AND you want to be wowed, check out Carole Janson. . Her layout, and some of her other projects, take transparencies to the next level.

If you haven’t checked out the projects from our design team, you won’t be disappointed. Scroll down for their inspiration and application. Enjoy your supplies!


Terry Oulboub said...

What can I say but WOWZER!! You ladies did a fabulous job creating these beautiful transparency LOs. They really are stunning! I really thought transparencies worked best as a box for candy and hadn't seen it used any other form until now. SUPER job ladies!

Joni Parker said...

This one was fun. I have LOTS of it was great to get them out and fumble through them. And then to actually use one!!! BONUS...I really like the way my layout came together. Thanks for the inspiriation! said...

These are both gorgeous! I'm so glad to see all the projects using these in so many different ways!