Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Game Time!!

Hi Everybody,

Nothing Says Fall to me like Football.  The scent in the air, the feel the stitching on the pigskin, the yelling at the refs and coaches about the STUPID plays and calls.  I love it all!

I can remember being a lil girl and playing football with my youngest brother, David, (18 months younger) and his friends.  Ah, the good ol' days.  Those games quickly came to an end when I started to "develop" and all my brother's friends wanted to "cover" me.  I was immediately told by Dave, "You can't play with us anymore," and just like that, my football career was over.

I still enjoy watching a good game.  Doesn't even matter who is playing I just enjoy the game itself.  When Hubs and I moved to OR we moved to a college town and were instantly told by friends and close family that we are Ducks, University of Oregon.  And that we are not to fall prey to the Oregon State Beavers.  In time we found out why.  The Ducks really are the better team having won more games and trophies, and having better uniforms and jerseys.  Just look at the record and out fashion sense. Anywho we have grown to love our ducks.

In 2011, when we moved, we were invited to a Duck party and I was able to snap some pics of family and friends watching the game, eating, and having a great time.  After two years I found the perfect way to scrap these photos.  I created a U of O football album to place all those memories.  Here are just a few shots of the album and one of my favorite spreads.

I used an SVG Cut of a football frame to make this album and cut the pieces out with my Gazelle.  I bound the whole thing together using my BIA.  I really like the way it came out.  This is a super easy album to make even if you don't have an electric cutter. You can always cut out the football shape, stripes and stitching by hand. Just find a pic of a football that you like, print it and cut away.

I also went online and found some UofO logos that I like along with our mascot.  I printed them out and fussy cut them for the pages.  The only thing left is to have more parties to be able to make more football albums.  Well gotta go.  It's Game Time!!



Krisha said...

Awesome football album. I am a football nut too, and having been out of town the last two weekends I am starting to have with drawls...LOL To top it off I have missed Monday night football cause I have been too tired after cleaning the Playhouse.....:(

Jean said...

Super cute!

Recha1131 said...

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