Thursday, October 8, 2009

Focus: Decorative Scissors

“Good ‘ol decorative scissors” a fellow blogger wrote. “I've had those scissors since the beginning of my scrapbooking career! One of those items I just couldn't part with.” (She used them in a layout here.)

Yep, good ‘ol deco scissors. If you’ve been scrapping for more than 5 years, you probably have a few pairs. We’ve dusted them off and found they can still be a useful tool after all this time.

Here’s what we’ve got.

Use your fancy scissors to spice up your edges like Jessica or Meg did on these beautiful cards.

Cut your strips with your decorative scissors; then layer them to create a feathered look like Christine did. Or layer them for your layout. I found this layout by sassiescrapper, demonstrating a cleanlined look. Nice.

Cut corners with your scissors and find a more formal and elegant look as Kerri does on her layout this week.

Kerri (whose layout is shown above) and Kim - and I believe some submissions for this week’s challenge - cut out shapes with their scissors to create layered flowers. Beautiful! Both of them explain how on their blogs, and they have different techniques to share.

Looking through our designer’s pages and cards this week it’s obvious how versatile this tool is. And how easy too. It was nice to sit down with some simple tools. My 5 year old daughter likes to create as well, and so I shared the challenge with her. “Ok. I think I will do that!” And she did.

So should you! Enjoy your supplies!

(Sophia does all her own designs! :)


Jenny said...

Beautiful job Sophia!

Terry Oulboub said...

Ohhhh...Sophia's an artist in the making - how cool is that? Okay, stop making me wish I had a daughter!! :D

Jamie Lane said...

Sophia, this is wonderful!

scrappin_mom3 said...

Go Sophia!! On your way to being a future scrapper! Very, very cute!!