Thursday, October 15, 2009

Focus: Lace Cardstock

Lace cardstock seemed to present an extra challenge this week. It isn’t a material we all necessarily have at our fingertips, but it is one of those that can be intimidating if you do. Despite this, the designers have done a great job with it. Some readers are a little confused about this type of paper, but we are talking about intricately cut paper. Sometimes it is covered in glitter or flocking, but it’s still considered lace cardstock even without the added zing.

Using it as a background – an overlay on a sheet of cardstock – is a classic way to use this material and adds a lot of dimension to your page, as Kerri shows us. I love the way it looks in just a strip, as Marjorie demonstrates. The intricate patterns can add an element of waves, or lace or chaos – depending on the look you’re going for.

Erin’s debut layout this week is great inspiration for us. She added foil tape! I love that people are altering the paper. On one of Christine’s layouts she inks certain parts of the lace cardstock to add color and it really changes the whole page. Take a look. You could stamp the paper or add brads or eyelets within as well (thanks Kim!). Barbara used the lace cardstock to create a pattern on another piece of cardstock, or you could do as Leanne on our Cricut/Cuttlebug team and MAKE YOUR OWN! Gorgeous. She’s not the only one. You can do it too.

A couple more things – Christine pointed out that if you don’t like the color of the cardstock, or need something to compliment what you’ve got, don’t forget you can flip it over and use the other side. It’s still lacy! And if you want to be practical (lace cardstock can be expensive!), and you plan to cover up a large portion of the lacy with a picture or other paper – cut the middle out and save it. It makes a great embellishment or a card!! Enjoy your supplies!

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Donna VW said...

This has been a fun focus to follow.