Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting to know our designers

The second question in our getting to know our designers feature -

What is your favorite thing about fall?

I love everything about fall!!!!! It's probably my favorite season. I love the cripsness in the air, all of the amazing colors of leaves, the pumpkins, I could go on and on......I love every bit of fall!

Jennifer: I love everything about fall! They are my favorite colors, fall scents (pumpkin spice), fall activities (playing in leaves, leaf hunts, pumpkin picking, trick or treating!)

Laurel: The colors and the cool weather. I am not a sun worshipper!

All the colors it brings to the outdoors...haunted hayrides....oh, and corn mazes!

Barbara: Love the fall colors

Enfys: Crisp cool mornings

Sandi C: I love the colors of fall and the crisp, cool days that beg a sweater.

Kim G:
The color of the leaves!

The smell of the air.

A reprieve from the hot summer! Cool breezes, walks in the afternoon and the trees all turning lovely shades of orange and red

Christine: Piles of leaves and all things pumpkin flavored

Marjorie: Definitely the clothes! I love getting to wear my sweaters, scarves, and boots!

Angela: The reminder that change can be good.

Kim S:
Living in the mountains, I have to say the glory in the color!

Leanne: The leaves changing colors.

Kerri: The smell of the leaves

Heidi: T
he beautiful trees, the smell of the leaves, the cooler weather, decorating our home with our fall and Halloween decorations, baking sweets and breads, drinking coffee in the evening, chili and soups, and even the rain... It's my favorite season! The only thing is, it doesn't last long enough!

Jessica: The smell of crisp mountain air on a clear day.

Nadya: The cool breeze of fresh air, change of colors... it's beautiful!!!

Joni: Well, growing up in Ohio and now living in Phoenix Arizona (where we don't really have "fall"), I'd have to say I miss all the falling tree leaves...those big piles of color...jumping in them and then having Daddy rake them all back up so we could do it all again. Guess I should scrapbook that too, huh?

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Nadya 's World!!! said...

I'm in the same boat. We don't have real fall in HI and I miss that cool fresh air and the change of colors so much!!!!