Friday, November 6, 2009

Focus: Ribbon

By Erika. Subtle ribbon. Sweet layout.

What can I say about ribbon that these layouts haven’t already said?

You can wrap it around, use it to attach, staple it, glue it, and layer it. Don’t forget you can cinch it, tie it, and make flowers with it! There are a lot of options and a lot of different KINDS of ribbon out there that can add to your page. Our definition of “ribbon” here is pretty broad. I’m pretty sure Samantha used trim on her page, and Sandi used some lace. I love using ric rac, like Kerri, and Jenn found something with fringe!!

Some of our designers got really creative. If you want an idea for what you should do, try one of these ideas:

Sherri used skinny ribbon as leaves on her tree.

Sarah created a watermelon shape with hers. (Love the cinching. Leanne did it too!)

Dianne’s colorful layout employed ribbon to create a background behind her photo.

Erin’s ribbon is a border for her photo.

A few designers used ribbon to draw attention to their title. Joni cut ribbon and backed her letters with it and Kim S positioned her ribbon to help emphasize one word of her title.

You know, when I first started writing these columns, I would go out and search the blogs for ideas on top of what our designers brought to the table. But lately I've realized, we've got plenty of great ideas right here! I hope you agree. Be inspired by these talented women, and enjoy your supplies!!


Jocelyn said...

What great ways to use RIBBON and I adore the LO!!!!! :-)

justyolie said...

Nice layout! :)