Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's Get Organized Day 2!!!!

As scrapbookers and paper crafters, we love to collect and in some cases, gasp, "hoard" our supplies! How do you manage to keep it all together and organized? This is our second feature on getting everything organized. Today I'll be sharing some ways that I personally organize things in my scrapbook room. I spent about a week this past summer getting things really organized so I could easily locate what I needed, while keeping things pretty and on a budget.

The photo above shows how I organize many of my rub-ons, stamps, alphabets, punches, etc. My Honeybee built the bottom white shelf for me several years ago. The three white shelves on the top came from Target and were about $15 each. Notice I use many different little bins to store items in.

I bought several of these bins for $1 to hold stamps, punches, rub-ons, alphabets, chipboard, 8x8 paper pads, etc. Notice in the photo of the white shelves that I finished each off with a bow and labeled with tags.

I picked up two of these lime green bins at Wal-Mart for like 4 bucks. I desperately needed to find a way to keep scraps of solid and patterned papers together. I have one for each....
Laurel Seabrook gave me the idea to use gallon sized bags to sort my solid and patterned papers. Here is a peek at what is inside the green bin....

I have several of these little shoebox drawers that I picked up at the dollar store for around 6 bucks. I have them labeled with the contents.

This one holds all of my girly girl stuff.

This is where I store all of my acrylic Close to My Heart stamps. I picked this three drawer storage shelf up at the dollar store for $14. It is perfect for holding my acrylics.

I cut up one of my CTMH shipping boxes to create dividers in the drawers and have my stamps organized by kids, flowers, alphas, holidays, sentiments, and cards. Works perfectly!!!
And finally, I absolutely love my Cropper Hopper vertical paper storage. I have six on the lower shelf next to my scrap desk. I have these papers separated by manufacturer. The green box is another $4 find from my local dollar store. It kind of holds a hodge podge of odds and ends papers.

Well, there you have it, a quick peek into some of my storage solutions in my scrap room. Thanks for joining us at Practical Scrappers today, practically scrapping in every way!

Don't forget to leave comments here with a link to your storage solutions or visit us at our message boards.


Dawn said...

I love getting a peek into your craft room. Love the ribbon and tag on the baskets, makes them pretty and useful.
I love your pink walls, one of my favorite colors.

gram cheryl said...

I love that your room is real. All the containers are available to us normal people, not like a scrapstore in a room. Practical, recycled items, real ideas with just a bit of bling (cuz that's what we do!)THANK YOU!

KanataNewf said...

Thanks for sharing a peek at your crafty space - I'm with gram cheryl - it's nice to see a "real" person room! Obviously well thought out and gives me some ideas for my own space!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

I love to see scrap spaces. Gives me ideas on how to improve mine. Your scrap space is awesome. Love the bins with the ribbon tied around it. So cute.

Sandi Cl~ said...

Organizing is a constant chore around here! Then I get more stuff and it seems to start all over again! Love the idea of using baskets for those misc things we always have around!

Diana said...

I have been organizing all weekend. Love your space here.

Missy said...

Great space! I get mine organized, but I can never keep it that way!! I love your $1 baskets to sort stuff!