Sunday, October 31, 2010

Making a Statement with your Titles and A Huge Contest

This month we are having a contest with the winner receiving a $25 gift certificate to Happy n Scrappin', where low prices on the newest products keep Scrappers happy!

Here's how you can win:  Get people to visit our site through your blog.  We are able to track which site is providing the most links to ours and we will determine who sent the most our way at the end of the month.  You can place a link on your sidebar, or your blog roll, or mention us in posts.  Anyway they get here will count!   We want people to check out our new style and we hope you can help us get out there even more!
Now, on to some inspiration...
Titles can be tough!  If you aren't trying to find a creative way to title your layout, you might be trying to place it in a  way that stands out.  Today we want share with you some ideas for making your titles pop and provide you with inspiration to change things up a bit!.

One way to make your titles stand out more is to place them in different ways.  
Erin placed her title over die cuts, making the title pop out more.

Christine turned her title vertical but left one word horizontal, changing things up from the normal horizontal only title.

Corinna made her title follow the curve seen in her picture.

Erin made her title follow a half circle allowing it to also hold her journaling.

Another way you can change up your title is to use a variety of elements in creating your title.  
Etoile, created this layout using the Blizzard line from Harmonie, and used a variety of letter stickers and positioning of those to spread her title out.

Irma used letters and a couple of cute dogs to pull the theme of her layout into her title with both words and pictures.

Christine used letter stickers and a transparency to create her big title.

Ruth used a variety of stickers in multiple colors.  Sometimes using multiple colors can really help to bring out other elements on the page.  Notice how nicely her orange letters tie together the graphics and journaling also.

Pia threw in some of her own handwriting into her title, providing both a soft and personal touch.

Christine used a word sticker "princess" as part of her title.  Don't be afrid to cut a word out of a sticker if it will fit into a title for you nicely!  You can often find a nice "the" with a different font that will add nicely to the title.

Corinna used embellishments to replace some of her letters in her title.

Zoe created this layout for Creative Scrappers and used two different types of letters that almost blend into the layout.  They are a subtle addition to the layout that are perfect for a layout with many elements.

The last way we are going to explore is changing your title by using cute phrases or play on words.

Erin did a title showcasing all the different names she has for her little "Parker"

We're looking for Baby Boy layouts to showcase next week and would love to have you submit some of yours to  Thanks for joining us as we begin month 2 of the new Practical Scrappers!


karennarelle said...

some great suggestions and beautiful layouts. thanks

Scrappi Sandi said...

Some wonderful title work in these LO's...I feel that sometimes a good title can tell the whole story on a LO, so that you almost don't need to journal!

li-bee-ti said...

Great inspiration of making creative titles!

tiffany said...

great title ideas, thanks for the inspiration!