Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Storage solutions, anyone?

Welcome back to Practical Scrappers, today we have another massively organized scrap room! Can you take just one peek at this and say, "I want one!!!" I know that is how we all feel after seeing these photos. Corinna, one of our lovely designers, has so graciously shared this sneak peek into how she sorts, stores, and organizes things in her crafting space.

This is how Corinna describes her room:
"Here's something my dad made for me to use as hanging storage. It's influenced by something I saw on a blog years ago that was homemade storage. He made me a metal bracket and hanging rod and I installed it on the underside of my shelf. He also made these little hooks that are fed through the metal part of a clothespin for my clips. I used page protectors from Office Depot and cut them in half and use those to store my letter stickers (again, by color), clipping them onto clothespins and letting them hang. That was kind of hard to explain! Does it make sense?"

"Above is my pen/pencils/markers/scissors drawer. I am using a kitchen silverware organizer to store them."

"I only do 8.5x11 pages, so my cardstock will fit in these hanging file folders in one of my drawers. Again, it's sorted by color. I store the scraps of cardstock in the back part of each individual folder. "

"Above is my ribbon storage. I store it by color in my mother-in-laws old mason and ball glass jars. My ribbons and my paints are stored out in the open on shelves because I like to see the rainbows of color! "

"My rainbow row of paints."

"My drawers are sorted by color (influenced by Stacy Julian). Here are a few examples:

pink embellishments,

green embellishments,

and blue embellishments.
I have been picking up mini muffin tins at Goodwill when I can find them and using those to sort out little odds and ends inside the drawers. I also use Tic Tac containers and prescription bottles to store embellishments. I'm always on the lookout at Goodwill for old spice rack jars or just small glass jars to use for that purpose also."

Didn't you feel just like you wanted to jump into those tins of buttons, pour out the paint, play with the ribbons? Fabulous room, Corinna, thank you so kindly for sharing with us today!
If you have photos or videos of how you sort, store, or organize in your room, please email them to us at and post your subject as Organizing Scrap room.
Thank you for joining us again today at Practical Scrappers, practically scrapping in every way!


Pippa said...

I'm loving this idea, may well use it to organise my stash in my craft room, thanks

scrappinlil said...

Wow very organized....I wish mine looked like that. I love the idea of hanging your stuff and color cordinating the items. TFS

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm a bit of a storage junkie! I like it all to be in it's place, mobile (for crops) & pleasing to the eye...don't ask for much do I!!! I wish I'd seen this peg & wire idea before I invested in my 'Clip it Up'...I'm sure it would have been a LOT cheaper!!!! But I have to say that having everything hanging in view does mean it all gets used rather than forgotten about!! Thank you so much for sharing Corinna!! :)

Anonymous said...

Part of the fun of crafting, for me, is the organizing. :-) Love this setup!

Dawn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these spectacular colors sorted together. Oh I love the hanging rod, great clips!
Wonderful pictures to share, I am so inspired.

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Blossom inch said...

gorgeous storage area and room. Thanks for sharing!