Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discovering Your Scrapbooking Style: Graphic

I think this is the hardest style to define because it fits in somewhere between clean & simple and classic.  But there are many out there who work in this style a lot and there's no doubt they fit in this category.

Some of the characteristics you'll find in Graphic Style:
Kindergarten shapes without a lot of altering to them
White Space
Minimal Supplies
Straight, bold lines
Strong Colors
Items from the page pop at you, can have a digital feel
Uses a lot of basic art elements to create a detailed project



We'll see you tomorrow for "Whimsical" projects.


Southernbelle said...

Graphic is a challenging style for me, but I still enjoy admiring it! Great pages ladies!

Ruthy said...

It's very interesting and logic, great idea to try. Thank you very much.

jacque4u2c said...

I think it ROCKS!

Pias Doodling said...

I think I will fall under this category! ... love it simple and strong colours with bold lines! /Pia

Karen said...

I have struggled with "labeling" my style, but I think this one is probably it! I am so glad you did this - it has been very informative to me in seeing the difference in all this styles! And, now I can confidently say a style that I have is "Graphic"!!!