Thursday, February 24, 2011

Discovering your Scrapbooking Style: Classic

Feel like we've gone thru all these styles and you don't fit probably fit in classic style.  I like to think of this style as the middle falls somewhere between the big productions of sophisticated, shabby chic, whimsical and artsy and the smaller works of clean & simple, cutesy, and graphic.  It may combine elements from many of these styles in one layout.  Classic definitely does not mean old or boring.

Some of the characteristics of Classic style:
Uses a wide range of tools including punches, scissors
Uses some embellishments but not a lot
Lots of solid colors or monochromatic papers
Uses both cardstock and patterned paper
Die Cuts
Letter Stickers
Not extremely trendy but not devoid of trends either
Pictures are the focus
Any color goes






Erin that we've been thru all of them what style are you or do you fit in multiple styles?  Or are you still not sure where you fit in?  If you'd like my opinion, leave me a link and I'd be happy to check your stuff out!  I think I dabble in many styles but am mostly a Classic & Cutesy Style Scrapper.  I've got some Glitz Design goodies to give away to one of the people who leave a comment here by Saturday, the 26th.  I hope you've enjoyed this series, 
It's been fun putting it together for you!


DeeDee said...

Enjoyed reading what people thought each style was about - and the examples were great! Lookin' forward to seeing what's coming up.

yougotmel said...

I'm definately classic in every shape and form!

Pias Doodling said...

I loved this series of articles! Very educational! /Pia

Valerie Durham said...

I have enjoyed reading these articles! I think I started in the classic style and have begun doing the cute and whimsical style as well. Here's my blog:

bakscrap said...

I guess I am somewhere between graphic and classic.

Lauren said...

Thanks for this series! I've enjoyed seeing all the different styles! I'm not sure where I would fit. I think I'm either clean & simple, classic, or sophisticated. I would love to get your opinion:


Teresa Jaye said...

I really enjoyed this series of posts!
I guess I'm somewhere between Classic and Clean & Simple. I'd love for you to visit my blog!

Monica said...

I'd love another opinion on what I am. My blog has some photography posts but many layouts as well. Let me know what you think!


MommaSaid said...

I seem to be Classic with a bit of Grunge (and I LOVE creating a project that gives me a reason to use a skull-and-crossbones element). I keep trying to create Vintage or Shabby Chic pages, but get overwhelmed.

careful crafters said...

Thanks for the series, now I know my scrapping style! :)

Sandi Cl~ said...

I think you nailed me pretty good! LOL :)

StaZ said...

I loved hearing about all the styles! Really cool!

geomouse said...

Thanks for posting examples of the different styles it was quite helpful. I found your site while I was searching scrapbook styles as I am doing this challenge at my all day crop this weekend and wanted to find examples for everyone and you could imagine when I found your site and you had them all listed with so many great examples. I have now bookmarked your site and will return often. Look forward to more techniques and ideas you post

Jessica said...

Thanks for describing the different styles! I am definitely a classic scrapper.

dlwidder said...

Great series! I've been popping in to check out the different styles. I'm so eclectic I don't know if I fit a style yet? Would love your opinion! Thanks for the offer:

Southernbelle said...

This has been so fun! I have really enjoyed seeing all of the styles and everyone's pages!

4kids4 said...

I just came over from Fantabulous Cricut...and I think I'm gonna like it here! :-) I'm definitely a cutesy type...I mainly scrap my kids photos. Thanks for all the inspiration!

~Sharon C.