Saturday, October 22, 2011

Card Contest Finalists Round Four

Congratulations ladies - Our top ten are here!  This week they have created cards that feature both chevrons and stitching.  We will be cutting the field in half this week and you have only one chance to cast a vote!  
 Mara Campbell

Amy Kolling

 Amber Goble

 Wendy Antenucci

Cathy Harper


Laurel Seabrook

 Andrea Budjack

Evgenia Petzer

This week our voting will take place in a poll.  You may only vote once and the results will be hidden.  

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Laurel said...

Woo hoo, fabulous work ladies, and thank you!

antenucci said...

Wow, thanks a ton for your votes! Congrats everyone too.

Amber said...

Yippee!!! Thanks so much to the voters!!! Congrats girls. Your cards are amazing!

Bonnie Blackburn said...

These girls have been such an inspiration to me. Beautiful cards, great crafters, and it's so fun visiting their blogs. Good luck ladies.

Lisa H said...

Wow, all these cards are so lovely! You ladies are all so talented.

lynn said...

beautiful work, everyone! good luck!

Amy said...

Such beautiful Chevron creations this week! Congrats to you all! Thanks for all the votes!

KellyG said...

Lots of awesome work here ladies!!

theelfqueen said...

Wonderful collection of cards!! WOW!