Sunday, October 2, 2011

Frugal Finds: Food Coloring

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For this months installation of Frugal Finds Kerri and Erin talked me into food coloring.  I went in, kinda fighting them...but trusting their brilliant instincts.  I was skeptical up until the last minute.  They created their fun projects and I was still trying to wrap my brain around it.  I needed an idea. I ended up doing a search on Pinterest for food coloring and found several ideas!  As you will see we all three went very different routes:  Erin went with her signature fun and bright style, Kerri went with her favorite Halloween, and I went with a softer vintage look.  I'm pretty sure there couldn't be a bigger contrast than what you are about to see!  Best part about all three of our projects...our kids were involved with all three - be it through sharing their supplies, helping us, or laughing at us!  Here's what the three of us came up with for you:

 Kerri added icing food coloring to some glossy accents and then used a toothpick to add it to her clear bling.  Voila...clear bling becomes black bling.

 Erin  added green and blue to a half full bottle of her kids glue, and sprinkled in some fine glitter. They didn't even question why they no longer had "white" glue for crafts.  She then made the dots and spiral on her splat mat and let them dry before peeling them off - the splats and wiggly lines were done directly onto the layout.  Makes for an awfully fun embellishment!

Now on this Kerri had a lot of fun and was out of breath when she finished. She used McCormick's liquid food coloring and added random red drops of it to white card stock. She said she thought back to her days of elementary school and used a drinking straw to blow the drops and make the streaks to look like a blood shot eyeball. Her kids were laughing so hard at her while she was making it, but it was fun for all :)

I created a marbled background paper using food coloring, canola oil, and water (the entire process can be found here).  I added a Glitz Design rub-on to kick up the vintage feel.


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gram cheryl said...

If you three could get together, you could find a solution to our country's struggles. You are innovative, look at things from different angles and find solutions, yet get along with and show respect for each other. Best of all, you share and laugh. You are a blessing to all us followers!

Kristie Maynard said...

What great ideas! I would have never thought of using food coloring. I'm gonna need to work on trying some of these ideas. Thanks!

Fern said...

This is great!!!!! I have never used food coloring before, but I just may have to give it a try!!! Love all of the projects!!!!