Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stamp to Stitching Tutorial- Practical Scrapper Bev

Some of us have stencils for marking and piercing but today I'll show you how to take any stamped image and apply the piercings from it to a layout for design to stitch.
We are going to take a layout and apply a stamped flourish which will be sewn with embroidery floss and added beads.
Here is my layout in unfinished state.

ISOLATE the area you'd like to stitch on.

THEN using a stamp design, mark it on the white paper.

PLACE this white paper on top of the layout , it will give you get the proper placement to pierce the design.

PIERCE only the sections you prefer.. your choice.

STITCHING from one point to the other leaves a space between each stitch which is fine.. just up and down.
When at the other end work your way back now through the missed stitches.. really easy.
NOTE: if you like to add beads .. do this as you get to the spot you want beaded.
Here is a CLOSE UP of stitching.

AND here is my finished layout.

Now get out those stamps that have great design for stitching...Can't wait to see what you make.
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CraftyLoops said...

What an amazing idea, I love this. Lee x

Tory said...

I am so in love with this idea I might try it tonight. Unfortunately I am a little low on stamps, and don't have any fancy flourishes like that... but I could always print on off the computer and do the same :)

Jamilie said...

Fabulous tutorial!!