Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th- Christmas Photo Wall Hanging

This Christmas photo wall hanging is very easy to make. I used Christmas photos from last year, but you could certainly use current photos, or it would be fun to use photos covering several years, to see how your kids or family have changed.

Start by cutting three pieces of chipboard to 5x7. You could use cereal boxes, the back of notepads, or even substitute two pieces of heavyweight cardstock adhered together. Cut some coordinating holiday papers to 5x7 and adhere to the front of each cardstock piece. (You can cover the back also if you like.) I also cut a piece of chipboard 1.75" x 7", covered it with patterned paper, and rounded the corners. This was my top border piece. You could do this at the top and bottom, or you
could completely leave this part off.

Lay your paper covered chipboard pieces in the order you want them to appear on your project. On your first panel, Measure about 1/2" in from the edges and 1/4" from the top and make a light pencil mark. Punch a hole at each mark. You can thread ribbon, cording or twine through these two holes to making a hanger for your photo panels. On my example, I used light green baker's twine.

At the bottom of your first panel, measure 1/4" up from the bottom and 1/2" in from the left and make a pencil mark. Measure 1/2" over from that mark and make a second mark. Punch a hole at each mark. Do the same thing on the right side of your top panel. Mark holes in the same way at the top and bottom of your second panel and at the top only of the third panel. Use ribbon, cording or twine to sew an "x" through the holes at the bottom of panel one/top of panel two and bottom of panel two/top of panel three. Just tie your twine or ribbon in a small knot at the back and tape it down to the ends don't work there way through the holes.

Now that your panels are all attached, you can add photos and embellishments as desired. (I like to punch the holes and attach the panels together first, so I can make sure my embellishments and photos don't end up with holes punched through them.)

For my Christmas wall hanging, I used papers and diecuts/journaling boxes from Bella Blvd., and added pen stitching, baker's twine, gems and pearls, and a border punched strip to the bottom edge. The beard on the Santa diecut was made by adhering ivory Flower Soft and I added a tiny white pompom to the tip of his hat.


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Christa said...

Brenda, I adore this. Thanks for sharinG!

andieclark said...

What's wonderful about this picture hangers is that it's made of school materials and the picture itself looks like the baby is in school. Cute pictures!