Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th- Ribbon Wreath Card

Today, I wanted to share with you a ribbon technique I used to create a Christmas Wreath element from a ribbon circle.  It is deceptively complicated looking but in fact took very little time and it helps use up all those little bits of ribbon we all have lying around!

1 sheet cardstock (I recommend the same colour as your ribbon although I am using a cream for instruction purposes)
5-7 pieces of green ribbon approximately 6-10 inches. This varies with how big your circle is and is up to you.
Fast drying glue

1. I  cut a  circle in a piece of your cardstock. It should form a rim and be fairly narrow. Mine is approximately 1/2 an inch.

2. I chose 4 different green ribbons and cut them in odd lengths approximately 2 inches in length. I actually suggest you cutting them a bit longer since you can trim them afterwards. The number of lengths will depend on how much of the circle you want to cover and how large it is. Test these lengths for yourself.

3. I then folded the ribbon pieces around the edges of half of the circle. I used my Beacons' 3 in 1 glue to do it quickly and with minimal fuss. I didn't follow a pattern really and alternated between thicker/thinner and patterns.

4. Once the circle is covered with the ribbon pieces, trim them to desired length and add a ribbon bow for decoration. You might consider some bling or a pin if you are extra adventurous!

I added mine to some Bo Bunny Dot cardstock and the Fancy Pants St. Nick Collection to make this card. The sentiment is an SRM sticker. I love that font!

Thanks for sharing your time with me at Practical Scrappers. I hope your holiday season finds you safe, happy and CREATIVE!

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Beckie said...

I super love this!! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!

Be Blessed, Beckie

Saints Rule! said...

This is SOOOOO cute!

CraftyLoops said...

Ohhhh this is fantastic. Brilliant idea. Lee xx

Kristie Maynard said...

Very cute idea. Will have to make some of these, simple and adorable!

a1983alaskan said...

Sweeeeet! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Brenda Muench said...

very nice! I might just have to buy some more ribbon to do this one. Love the monochromatic scheme too!