Monday, December 26, 2011

Favorite Layouts of 2011

All this week we're going to focus in on recapping the last year.  Today we're featuring our designer's favorite layouts that they made in 2011.  Some of these were made for Practical Scrappers others for other purposes, I know for many it was hard to narrow it down!
Practical Scrapper Carolina

Practical Scrapper Brenda

Practical Scrapper Monique

Practical Scrapper Caz

Practical Scrapper Christa

Practical Scrapper Jayma

Practical Scrapper Julie

Practical Scrapper Rachel

Practical Scrapper Sarah

Practical Scrapper Michelle

Practical Scrapper Ann

Practical Scrapper Pia


Audrey Yeager

Practical Scrapper Fern

Practical Scrapper Aymee

Come back tomorrow to check out Erin's Top 10 Projects from 2011!
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