Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trendy Technique: Machine Stitching

Get ready to be inspired to dust off all those sewing machines!  I know it's been awhile since mine has been pulled out of the closet for scrapbooking (probably a year plus -- the last time we featured stitching on here).  But what I love most about machine stitching is that  1.) it doesn't have to be perfect, 2.) it says handmade like nothing else and 3.) it's timeless.   No matter how the trends may change,  machine stitching is here to stay as long as some scrapbooker still owns a sewing machine. If you remember our scrapbooking styles feature we did almost a year now, you'll remember us talking about seeing machine stitching in the Sophisticated and Shabby Chic styles.   From looking at these layouts and cards from our designers and readers you can see exactly how they fit to those categories.  There is that air of handmade; timeless essence; and if you look real close you'll even see it's not always perfect...take a look!

Who's ready to thread that needle and push that foot pedal full throttle?  If you have a layout or card that you did and you'd love for us to take a look at, leave us a link in the comment section.
Remember: We only have today and Friday to feature our contestants in the running for our layout contest. Please be sure to stop by and vote for your favorites. Saturday we will be announcing the top 25!

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Erin Morehouse said...

amazing...AMAZING projects today ladies!!