Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frugal Finds: Mesh Bags

Waste not want not.Sometimes as paper crafters we overlook the "scrap" portion of scrapbooking, and too often forget that the craft doesn't always require manufactured products and the latest and greatest gadgets to be effective. I am now constantly looking at many household items with a new light and wondering how they might possibly be reused in a fun way. Sometimes the perfect "new" product is something we've always had, but never thought to use. Take a simple mesh produce bag, and see what it can become in the hands of a Practical Scrapper:

 Practical Scrapper Erin removed the paper backing from the Studio Calico wood veneer, revealing the adhesive on the back, then stretched out the mesh and stuck it to the star. A quick trim with scissors, and a bit of Distress Stain and you have custom sports page embellishments.

Practical Scrapper Michelle used her mesh bag as a mask with mist in the upper right corner, and then added it directly to her page along with the product label. Perfect for a page with oranges!

Practical Scrapper Heather
Heather used her mesh with paint to create the playful texture on this page.

First Practical Scrapper Ann misted through the mesh, then she added it to her layout to mimic the scales on the dragon.

Practical Scrapper Fern took her mesh bag and cut it down the center to that "ugly" metal staple at the bottom... she then took some twine and started wrapping around both sides leaving about 2 inches at the bottom.  She did this so it would stay together and frame her photo but still fan out after she tied it together..  The flower vine is covering that "ugly" staple..

Practical Scrapper Carolina created a mesh bag flower for her layout. 

I hope these inspire you as much as they have me, to think twice about what you can save and work into your pages.



Susan, PaperCrafter's Corner said...

Very cool!!

Scrappin Abby said...

Very creative ways to use the mesh...I too have used this & have it in my scrappy stash right now..great job ladies :)

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

I've saved a couple of colors, thanks for the awesome ideas!

Becky Dunham said...

wow! I am so impressed by all of these projects! I honestly don't even remember seeing a lot of mesh bags in my produce department, but I am going to start looking for them now! Thanks for the inspiration!