Friday, June 1, 2012

Fast and fabulous double pager with border stickers

Hello and thank you for visiting Practical Scrappers today. This is designer Carolina Garrido with a fast and fabulous double pager to share with you. This idea started when I got pack of kraft border stickers with one of my kits. I adore kraft, and I wanted to use all of it that very minute! So I did. I picked green background paper as my pictures were very bright green, and started placing the border stickers from the bottom of the page, one above the other, until I covered about 7 inches of the background paper. I added some golden trim from the costume my daughter is wearing in the photo (Guess who sewed the trim for the two kindergarten classes? Crafty mom Carolina, of course!) and then just added my photo, which I embellished with some feathers, a "feather" cut from the costume's fabric, and a kraft doily. I added a quick title and a circle of fabric around the number 12, as this photo was from Carnival Jump Up 2012.

Here's a close up of the feathers embellishing the photo, and the little fabric circle:

But this project was not complete: I needed a home for all the other pictures I had taken during the Jump Up, so I created a quick second page. I printed nine 2.5. x 3.5 in pictures and glued them in a grid. I added border stickers on top and at the bottom of the grid to frame it. I embellished the bottom one with a strip of the golden trim I had used in the other page. And I added some tabs and stickers with journalling. 

This is what the two pages look like together in the album:

Not bad for less than half an hour of scrapping, huh? You really need to give this a try. If you don't have border stickers, make your own punched out borders. And please, please, please, leave a comment with a link to you work below so I can have a peek!

Thank you for visiting Practical Scrappers today, and have a fantastic month of June!

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Mrs. Walrath said...

WOW, these LOs are really cool. I have border stickers that I never use now you have given me an idea.