Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shadow Box Card Tutorial by Shir

I don't usually take part in card swaps - but this time I did. I'm always afraid that my partner won't like the style or the colors I chose and I prefer not to make anyone disappointed because of my creations.
The theme was summer (I guess summer vacation in Israel affects us all ☺).
I want to share this card I made, followed by the tutorial - how to make it.
By the way - the front says: "Have a", and the inside greeting says: "pleasant summer"

You'll need 1 sheet (8½" X 11")
1. Cut the sheet to 2 pieces measure 8½" X 5½" each
2. Score one of them in the middle: 4¼"
3. Score the other one at: ¾", 4¼", 5" 
   (by that we created a rectangle: 
              2 short edges: ¾" 
              2 long edges: 3½" - 
    sorry, I'm an engineer, can't help it ☺)

4. Next step is to create the "window". It can be in any shape, size & location.
   I chose to make it rectangle.
   You can use your die cutting machine to make even more interesting shape...

5. After you decorate the top and the back - only the part that will be shown, you can adhere the box to your card (the other half, we scored in the middle, at step 2).
   Make sure to align the "open" side to the inner fold.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask...

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