Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Things You Can Do With Alcohol Inks & Mists

Here at Practical Scrappers, we love to alter things and make them our own. Today we'll show you different ways you can do just that by using colour mists or alcohol inks. Really the possibilities are endless, but these 10 things will give you an idea of where to start.

1. Make up your own photo.
Practical Scrapper Charity
 used  four colors of mist to make a landscape for her photo.

2. Make your own accents.
Practical Scrapper Lanette used Alcohol ink to add a rainbow of color to her Acrylic Banners.

3. Alter a disk.
Practical Scrapper Karen used Alcohol inks to color a discarded CD to
make a festive Christmas wreath card. 

4. Customize your doilies.
Practical Scrapper Julie used mist to alter doilies.

5. Make a fun background.
Practical Scrapper Danielle used Mister Hueys Mist Inks to alter the white cardstock,
Several techniques were used such as misting, splatters and using a straw to blow the
ink across the page. Also the ink was painted on top of the letter stickers to alter the colour.

6. Decorate in style.
Practical Scrapper Kerri started with clear glass Christmas ornaments.  She used her Adirondack blending solution, gold Mixative, citrus, lettuce, cranberry, and watermelon alcohol inks.  She then fill the center with red and green glitter and topped them off with some vinyl die cuts and some ribbon.

7. Make trim to match.
Practical Scrapper Wendi Robinson used mists to alter her trim. First she sprayed the white trim with a pinkish/coral to match her papers, then she sprayed a second mist of bubble gum pink to bring out the pink tones.

8. Add some colour
 Practical Scrapper Leila used mist with a mask to add in the pink shades to her patterned paper.

9. Fake it.
Practical Scrapper Kerri used her Adirondack earth tone inks and blending solution on some glossy cardstock to create her own wood grain background.  She also used some ginger alcohol ink with some blending solution to change up her white vinyl thickers.

 10. Run with it.
 Practical Scrapper Kimberly Congdon (Scrap It Girl) used Color Shine on a brand new pair of white Sketchers. While at CHA this winter she was introduced to the new Color Shine by Heidi Swapp. She loved the Tropicana Teal so much that she asked Heidi to color her shoes.These shoes were done in July and the color still looks great. 

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Rhonda Emery said...

tfs these all great ideas

Charity Becker said...

GREAT projects and the shoes are a must have! I've been told you can also use Tattered Angels for temporary hair color

Scrap It Girl, Kimberly said...

What awesome ideas.. now i hope to remember them all.. Great projects, ladies. I love them all.

Kristie Maynard said...

Great ideas. Some new ones for me, that's for sure!