Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recycling Christmas Cards with Karen

Hi Crafters, Practical Scrapper Karen here to share my tips for how to recycle last years Christmas cards. A card with a large central image is simple to cut out like a tree or snowman and use it on a card or layout. However, it is not always easy to use cards because the images overlap or are too detailed and aren’t suitable to be hand cut with scissors. For cards with scenes, these ideas work well.

I have three strategies: circles, strips, or mosaic tiles.

1. Circles- I use circle punches to selectively punch out parts of the card. I typically use a 2in, 2.5in, & 3in punch. It is ok to only punch a partial circle because images that go off the edge can look effective. You will notice there are many partial circles.

 2. Strips- Cut the image into vertical slices. I find the most important focal point in the image and cut it wider than the others. When you reassemble the image, leave 1 cm space between each strip. I recommend keeping faces whole and not to slice through them if possible. For a variation, you can tear the edges or use decorative edge scissors.

3. Mosaic Tile- I cut the image into various shapes or rectangles. Cut the focal point larger or a different shape than the rest and mount it with foam tape to emphasize it. Reassemble the image leaving 1 cm of space between the pieces to create the tiled effect.  It will make cutting the image easier if you hold the card up to a window or light box and make pencils lines on the back side of the card to guide your cutting.

Finally, embellish the images with gems,  ribbons, gel pen detailing, sentiment, or rubber stamp a background

Here is the store bought greeting card I began with.      
Here is the transformation into a handmade creation.

This Christmas ornament card combined 2 store bought cards.

One More Inspiration:

I hope you will see cards you get this year as potential to be next years cards you send.
Have fun recycling & happy crafting!

(Bonus Tip: Cutting an image from a card into a tag shape is always quick & effective.)


Charity Becker said...

the circle cards are my fav! Love your recycled cards!!!

Jean said...

Amazing ideas!!

Alison Day said...

Loved your ideas. My favourites were the ones you cut into strips and mosaic pieces. Awesome! That one with the manger scene was so beautiful!!
Great recycling tips, thanks!