Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Boxes & Blocks

Do you make or shop for homemade items for the Holidays? Over the years, I have come across more and more people who say they do "homemade" Christmas. Meaning all the gifts they exchange with their family has to be of course "homemade" not necessarily made by themselves... buy homemade by someone. Many of my friends shop Etsy during the holidays to find the perfect homemade item. But if you are a crafter I am sure you make your own items. Here are a few things I love to make for any and all holidays.

I love blocks and boxes. I get most of my Paper Mache boxes at a local craft store and the solid wood blocks you can have cut to any size you want or again find some precut at a craft store.

Here are a few samples of boxes and blocks. If you decorate a block you can glue it to a candlestick for extra height. I also like to add the Tim Holtz Foundation Feet and knobs. If you are making the boxes, you can add a gift inside and they can display the box for other things. Sometimes I add pictures or empty frames for their own photos. Whatever you choose to do I think these make wonderful homemade gifts.

Are you making homemade gifts this year? I hope you get inspired to share some of your homemade items with some of your friends and family.. you will be surprised to see just how much people love homemade!~

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KrissyClarkMcKee said...

Oh my goodness - I LOOOOOVVVEEE these. I see me making a handmade Christmas present or two for some friends and family members in my immediate future after seeing this post!