Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Color Combination: Yellow, Sky Blue, Gray

I'm enjoying coming up with color combinations for our designers to play with! I love different combinations and love to see our awesome team think outside the box.  This month I asked themt o use gray, yellow, and sky blue.  I love how they vary from very striking to softer tones. Here's their pretty creations!
Practical Scrapper Patty

Practical Scrapper Jennifer

Practical Scrapper Michelle

Practical Scrapper Lee-Anne

Practical Scrapper Linda

Practical Scrapper Jennifer C.

 Practical Scrapper Caz

Practical Scrapper Kim Ryden

Practical Scrapper Leslii Wagner
 Practical Scrapper Lisa
If you create something with this color scheme we would love to have you share it with us!


PeggyStolley said...

I absolutely, positively adore each and every one of these!!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Amazing as always!!!!

Rochelle Spears said...

all are very beautiful!!!! I love those colors together!

Mistylynn said...

I love this color combo! Great projects too!

Kelly Jean said...

Love these colors!! I need to try one of these.