Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten Things You Can Do With ...Staples and Paper Clips

Staples and paperclips aren't a new topic around here, however they are a practical one which is why we love to highlight this topic.  After all, they were meant for paper. Take a look around your junk drawers, your office, the kitchen caddy, even in the kids' pencil boxes and you are sure to find one of these common household items just lying around.  Why not pick it up and use it today in one of your projects!  Fresh out of ideas what to do with them?   Well today, we take another look at ten ways to incorporate them into your paper projects. 

1.) "X" marks the spot.
Practical Scrapper Charity placed staples in a row of "X" shapes.
2.) Attach your pattern paper.
Practical Scrapper Linda used staples to attach patterned paper on the background. She also used paperclips with some washi tape as embellishments.

3.) "Accent"uate.
Practical Scrapper Sarah used staples as fun accents, and also to adhere the thin layer of lace to the front of her card.  Form and function!

4.) Shape -it up.
Practical Scrapper Kelly Jean used packing staples
 to form butterflies.  She simply painted them white, adhered two together, and added twine around the "body."

5.) Frame it.
Practical Scrapper Karen formed a frame by stringing buttons onto wire, 
bending it into multiple circles, and attaching it using staples.

6.) Add a little sunshine and clip those photos.
Practical Scrapper Lisa used staples to attach ribbon to a circle to create sun rays for her sun. She then cut a second circle and pop dotted it over the stapled ribbon to give a finished look. She also took a paperclip from her office and added a sticker to the top, adding it to the top corner of one of her photos.

 7.) Alter it.
Practical Scrapper Leslii altered  a paperclip by wrapping it in embroidery floss.  She then added a fabric flower on top of a flower she cut with her Cricut out of coordinating paper.

8.)Ink them up.
Practical Scrapper Lanette used alcohol ink to dye some staples, to add some colorful strips to her card.

9.)Add a little texture by adding some ribbon.

Practical Scrapper Charissa used mini staples to attach her ribbons to the layout.

10.) Get wordy with it
Practical Scrapper Kenya made a sentiment out of paperclips for this Gina K inspired card.

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Dawn Carlyle said...

Incredible! Love all the ideas - how inspiring....

Amber S said...

I try to put staples on as many projects as I can! And I love paper clips too!

Jean said...

Great ideas!

Kelly Jean said...

Such great ideas gals! Great job!

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

Great ideas!!!!!