Thursday, March 7, 2013

Practically Scrapping your Kids with Kim

Practical Scrapper Kim here with a few ideas on how I practially scrapbook my kiddos! 
As a parent, I'm sure that most of you take a TON of pictures!  (And if you aren't a parent you might be some day and you will get it OR you are a grandparent or an aunt and you get it!)  If you aren't careful, you could have 10 scrapbooks of just one year for each kid!
So here are a few tips on how I scrapbook the first year of my kids' lives. 
In my house you get your own album(s) for your first year of life.  After that it's all about the family albums!  I vowed when I started scrapbooking that I would never duplicate layouts and make a book for each kid, for each year...I just don't have time for that.  They can fight over the albums when I'm gone or they can make copies or I can write it in my will that Brooke gets the odd years and Noah gets the even.  I don't know!?!  (My kids also get a scrapbook where all of their birthdays and some of their school stuff will be kept as they grow through the years too.)
To start off, I take pictures of my kiddos each month to show how they are growing.  For Brooke I took her monthly pictures with a Stendig Calendar.  I found the idea online and I REALLY liked it!
Then I take those pictures and create one layout!  This layout that I created of Brooke at 9 months old was digitally made using Stampin' Up!'s digital program, My Digital Studio (free 30 day trials are always available). 

Then right after the layout of their monthly pictures, I create a layout using my favorite pictures from when they were that age.  This is a layout of my favorite pictures from when Brooke was 9 months old! 
I love doing this because it saves me from creating a layout for each one of my favorite pictures.  They are just all there with a short few sentences of journaling. 
Then if I have a particular event like eating table food for the first time or their first tooth, I will make a special layout for that...but I don't have to make a ton of layouts for her 9 month section of her book because I know her growth and my favorite pictures are already documented!

Here is my little man at 9 months.  He had so much more hair that Brooke! 
Noah was documented monthly with a stuffed elephant to show how he has grown in comparison to it.

And here are my favorites of Noah when he was 9 months old. 

I hope you enjoyed my layouts and that I inspired you to think more practically when you scrapbook the children in your life!


Alison Day said...

Great ideas Kim! I made an album for my eldest but then when I was making one for my middle daughter I realized I'd done my first all wrong. I'll definitely implement some of your ideas when I redo her album AND finally start one for my youngest!!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Great information Kim- thanks for sharing! Your little ones are adorable :-)

Jean said...


Kim Ryden said...

Thanks Ladies!

Ruth G said...

Wow! What a great way to problem-solve scrapping all those adorable pictures from when the kids were young! I did photo albums that had a journaling strip between each page of two for both of my kids' first year (harder to get pics of the younger one alone!) I have wanted to go back and actually scrap pictures, though, so this is just the idea to free me up and not make me feel guilty about not dedicating a whole page to one picture! Thanks so much for sharing! (I need to pin this!)