Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Page Layouts

There's nothing I love more when I sit down to look at my albums(or any scrapbook album) to open it up and see a nice two page spread. I am ever so guilty of making my quick single pagers, but when it comes down to completing the story that I am trying to tell with my albums- it's two pagers all the way! While we've seen them flow in and out of trend in the scrapbooking industry, they seem to be making quite the comeback (especially if you look to the publications calls). If you are still in doubt about them not being trendy, well, let us bring you back in style with some fabulous two pager inspiration!

Practical Scrapper Patty

Practical Scrapper Michelle

Practical Scrapper Dawn Rene

Practical Scrapper Cathy

Practical Scrapper Wendi Robinson
made a 2 pager for her Project 12 album

Practical Scrapper Lisa

Practical Scrapper Kim Ryden

Practical Scrapper Kerri

Practical Scrapper Charissa

Practical Scrapper Jennifer

Practical Scrapper Alison.

Practical Scrapper Kelly Jean
Practical Scrapper Brenda

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Kelly Jean said...

Great layouts ladies! Love all the pages!!