Monday, September 28, 2009

Transparencies Day Two

On Tuesdays we always feature cards. Today is an extra special treat - because these cards are just incredible. I am blown away with what the design team has done this week with transparencies!

My card is completely made of a transparency - a super fun thing to try! I had my little girl put her painted hand on there and then just added a little to it. My idea was inspired by something similar Jennifer McGuire had done. Who doesn't love to see a kiddos hand print?

Check out these cards...we'll see you tomorrow with our Cricut/Cuttlebug projects!

Don't forget the deadline to enter this challenge is 5:00 ET on Friday.


Alissa said...

That hand-print card is sooooo cute!

Donna VW said...

So cute!

1CardCreator said...

I love that little hand print! ~Diane

jesskittelson said...

Ahhh how cute! Good idea tho. Thanks for sharing!

Terry Oulboub said...

Oh, how cute! And what a keepsake for your daughter. I'll have to try that with my grandsons - thanks for sharing that idea!