Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just for fun - Getting to know some of our designers better

We asked our design team members (only those chosen before Thursday) to answer a few questions. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know some of them a little better...On to our first question...

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?

The one that I remember the most was in 6th grade and I dressed up as a girl from the 50's. I had my jeans rolled up, white bobbie socks on, white sneakers, a big oxford shirt and my hair in a pony tail. It's funny, because my mom mentioned that in passing a few weeks ago and said that I really resembled her when she was a teen.

Joni: My mom is a great seamstress so she made most of my childhood costumes. I guess my favorite is the clown costume she made and I wore when I was 2 years old....probably because a few years ago she mailed it to me and Joseph wore it as his costume at age 2. Guess I should probably scrapbook that, huh?

A witch costume that my mom made for me when I was in kindergarten

Jessica: Juliette my freshman year in high school - I was chaperoning some kiddos I babysat at the time and borrowed this great vintage dress from the drama department. Loved it!

Heidi: The one childhood Halloween costume that I remember is a homemade Little Red Riding Hood costume. I especially remember my mom using pencil eyeliner and putting freckles on my cheeks!

my witch costume my mom made

Leanne: dressing up as a Gyspy!

Kim S: Princess

Angela: Before my mom went off to work full time, she would make us costumes. I have some sweet pics of me as a ballerina. I remember what the tutu felt like, the itchy crenoline, and mom pinning it together in a fitting. I'd have to go with that!

Christine: My Cinderella costume that mom made when I was five - I want to make my Lucy wait until she's five to be Cinderella

A Scientist in 5th grade. I've always loved biology and physics and wearing my Mom's lab coat made me feel so official.

It was a cat costume made out of tights.

Kim G:

Sandi C:
I loved being a gypsy and wearing my mother's big gold hoop earrings. I thought I looked divine.

An elephant costume my mom made

Laurel: Not really a halloween person, dreaded having to figure out a costume but since I was such a tomboy/cowgirl I loved my 'cowgirl' costume (or perhaps is was because I got to go trick -or-treating with a boy I had a crush on - a real life cowboy! LOL)

Julie: I only dressed up a few times, we mostly went to church and just had a fair or something like that, but when I was little I was a butterfly! My costume was the bomb! Mom decked me out as a butterfly, the wings had glitter, and I still love glitter to this day!

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