Thursday, November 19, 2009

Focus: Acrylic Paints

Recap on Paints:
So most of us have paints in our stash. We bought them one day when we were feeling especially artistic or for a special project. Then, for some of us, after that official use (which may or may not have gone well), they sat. Yes, there are some of you out there that count paints as one of your favorite materials. But there are many of us that are more than a little intimidated by acrylics.

Here's what we've learned:
  • Your chipboard and your paints need to get together. Make it happen. It can't go wrong!
  • If you haven't identified the perfect piece of paper for your layout, throw some paint back there. It's a great backdrop. It can be any shape or size, no problem. See our layouts from Monday.
  • Hello distressing!
  • Get some shimmery paint like Kim used on her card. So classy, and it pops!
  • Paint the back of a piece of transparency. Try it in different places on the layout.
  • Try some of your favorite stamps with it. Same idea, different twist.
It's worth it to push yourself a little here and there, trying new things with your old stuff. Don't just store them; ENJOY your supplies!

- Angela


Glynis said...

Love the striking contrast in the simple black/red sceme.

RobinJ said...

Angela, what a great recap of the challenge! I'd never used paint until this challenge and I will definitely take your advice in pushing myself.