Monday, October 4, 2010

Ideas for Using Multiple Photos on a Layout

I find that using more than one or two pictures on a layout can be a real challenge. Sometimes you want to put a bunch on one layout instead of making 3 or 4 layouts on one topic. I especially think it is hard to find unique ways to lay them out which is why I asked for submissions on this topic! These are the submissions we have chosen to share with you today.
Andrea Friebus

Andrea F

Andrea F:

Christine M

For the layout feature next week we are looking for layouts that use Black and White photos.  They do not have to be a new project, we are just looking for a quality project!  Send in your submission to and we just might feature your work!


Jamie Lane said...

Great layouts! Love the new site!

MommaSaid said...

Beautiful sources of inspiration! I'm looking forward to trying a few of these. There is a certain satisfaction to be found in putting three or more photos on a single page, isn't there?

Bev said...

congrats on the new site..

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Lovin the new look!! great lo's

Connie said...

Congrats!! the site looks great!!!!

PenLight said...

This is so helpful, thank you. I really need to see more than one picture samples! For me, that ONE picture would have to be extremely special to get a whole page to itself, there are too many good pictures to have only one. Very helpful! Thank you!

Monique Nicole Fox said...

Whoooohooo. Nice to see my layout and all the inspiration.

Leinad said...

Some great stuff! Didn't get to send you a link in time, but I'm constantly using tons of photos on my layouts and I find that making collages in Picasa (free download) allows me to put a lot of photos without making them look cluttered. I currently have two posts with over 10 photos in the layouts if anyone would like to take a look. Liking the redesign of the site :)