Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Buggin'?

What's buggin' is that I am a Cuttlebug addict! As they tell you in therapy, the first part of getting through addiction is admitting you are an addict. I have done that, but I am still a true believer that not all addictions are bad. Case in point: I would not have been able to share with you this information today. We all know how well the Cuttlebug can cut with those dies and emboss with those folders, but have you ever tried to use it for something other than that? Today we are going to share some ways for you to use your bugs that are unique to get the most possible use out of it.

A Great Tool!

Some people out there look at this machine and think well it cuts, it embosses, it cuts and embosses together, but am I really going to use this machine all that much? I will answer that, YES! No matter what electronic die cutting machine comes out, no matter how intriguing those gadgets look, I continue to go back to my simple, functional, easy to use Cuttlebug. I love my Cricut, may someday purchase a Gypsy, the Imagine looks cool, and I would like to try a Slice; but they will never replace or get half as much use as my Cuttlebug. I think once you all find out how many different dies, plates, folders, and ways you can use it you may just jump on my bandwagon too!

I found this tool about 2 years ago right after I got my Cuttlebug. It is great chart by
Cat Lail. Cat has generously allowed me to share with you the chart that she has created, telling you all the different dies, plates, and folders to use. And the "sandwich"/"plate recipe", as some call it, so you don't have to go out there and buy every machine to make your dies/plates/folders work in your Cuttlebug. Just click here and you will be able to click on the PDF file she created to print it out for your own personal use. I have mine printed and laminated to the side of my desk so it's always right there for me to look at and never gets ruined(or inked)!

Creative Ways to Use Your Cuttlebug

I'm always looking for new ways to re-invent something that is already great, and make it even better. These first two videos I would like to share with you come from The Cuttlebug Spot
, which is a place I hold very dear to me being a former member of the design team. I head there every time I feel like I need some Cuttlebug inspiration. Nilda, who started The Cuttlebug Spot, graciously allowed me to share with you some of her videos, which is where I learned all these ideas and tips along the way.

First up: Using your Cuttlebug to Set Glitter and Flocking

I love just love this technique! I actually used this on
Dragonslair Design digital image I created this past week in the article on "Using Different Mediums to Color Digis".

It may seem like it takes a bit longer to do, but it definitely was an asset in trying to keep my two different colors of flocking from mixing. I did the white first on my bear paws and nose areas, ran it through my bug, then went back and did the gray flocking.

Now this idea has got to be my favorite functional use! I hate rub-ons to death, but not anymore! Now that I don't need a popsicle stick or rub-on tool to apply them, I use them all the time.
Check this out...

Last creative idea I have for you - how about fabric? Have you ever thought of using some fabric in your Cuttlebug? Well, Sandee Shanabrough has done exactly that and what an awesome effect it has! Sandee is a member of the Passionately Artistic design team. She calls her technique "Mod Podge Buggin." She came up with it when their design team was presented with the challenge of creating with fabric. All you need is some fabric, cardstock, and Mod Podge. To check out Sandee's card and technique, go here. Never in a million years would I have thought to adhere some fabric to some cardstock and emboss it! Thanks Sandee for your inspiration!

Other Cuttlebug Videos

These next few videos and links are not unique ways to use your bug, but they will provide you some time saving tips, unique results, inspiration, and just another reason why you need to have your own Cuttlebug.

Another video from the Cuttlebug Spot - a technique Nilda has called Double Embossing with Cuttlebug and Nestabilities.

For some more great tutorials on how you can use your Cuttlebug, you can check them out
here at the Cuttlebug Spot.

The last video I have here is one that I created myself. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this so if you've seen it before, then I apologize. It was something I stumbled upon when I was creating 80 baby shower invitations for my sister about 9 months ago. I was quickly getting frustrated at how long it was taking me to do each one. I was trying to cut them out quicker by doing multiple pieces of paper cardstock at the same time and found I could cut and emboss at the same time. Bare with me, it's my first video-- so here it is...

Cutting and Embossing at the Same Time With Cuttlebug & Nestabilities.

Hope you all enjoyed the article and found a new appreciation for that little green machine! Who will be at the next month's CAA meeting (Cuttlebug Addicts Anonymous)? If you have any other unique ways or tutorials you created using your Cuttlebug, please send them to Also, just a quick reminder of our call for cards using embossing, due on November 14th to


BrendaB said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas, Kerri! I'm definitely gonna try my Cuttlebug on my next flocking or glitter project!

Linda said...

I just love my Cuttlebug and use it every time I make a card...thank you for the tips.

Sandee said...

Fantastic article and ideas Kerri!!!! Thank you for spotlighting my mod podge buggin technique!