Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365 Update

Well we're a week into the year and I did decide to take on Project 365!  I have not figured out what my plan for scrapping them will be...I am planning to try to regularly print the pictures so I don't have to track them down later.  I've sent the first 6 to print, so once I have those in hand I will begin to figure out the scrapbook layout.

I do not have time to blog them every day, so my goal is to put them together in one post as time that every two days or ten (:  I'm also trying to do a little journaling on that, so then when I do assemble something it will be easier to remember why I took the picture.

If you are interested in checking out my start you can find the link here.

Are you planning to scrap your pictures, blog them, or both?.  I'd love to hear what your plan of attack is!


Jennifer said...

I plan on scrapbooking mine, but I am curious to see your progress, as I have not started, and I dont think I could handle your project But I plan on doing 2 pages a start with anyway... Good Luck!!!

Tracy said...

This is the third year that I attempting P365. so far I have made it farther this year than the last 2, so I guess I am on a roll : )

I plan on scrapping and blogging them. My blog posts will most likely be a weekly recap until I can get myself organized enough to download and edit on a more regular basis.

As far as the scrapping format, I am not 100% sure what direction I am going in. I say a CK article last year with a format for p365 that I really liked that. I may incorporate that or do a monthly highlight layout with some of the p365 pics and include photo sleeves for the rest after each layout.

Please keep us updated with what you choose to might make up my mind.