Monday, February 14, 2011

Discovering your Scrapbooking Style: Artsy

Scrapbooking styles have become a hot topic.  I have often wondered what my own style would be defined as and from my research I can tell you I fall into several categories.  Over the next week we are going to focus on the following styles:  Artsy, Whimsical, Cutesy, Classic, Sophisticated, Grungy, Graphic, Shabby Chic, and Clean & Simple.  While these styles are probably not exhaustive, I tried to come up with a list that covers most of the styles that I am currently seeing out there.  As you consider if your layouts fit into a style, consider if they regularly have many of the characteristics of that style..not just one or two of them.  Elements of each style can cross over but a combination of several can make a "style."

Today we're going to look at Artsy Style layouts.  
Some of the characteristics you see in Artsy Style are:
Uses ink, chalk, and paints
Creates unique backgrounds
Uses multiple patterned papers
Does not use a lot of measuring or straight lines
Bold & contrasting colors
Minimal white space

Here's several examples for you of Artsy layouts.

Our designer Natasha totally falls into the Artsy style as evidenced in all of her layouts above.

Pia works in several different styles, but this layout of hers definitely fits in the artsy category.

You saw this one, from Michelle Hernandez, on our hearts post a couple days ago.  I thought it fit the category well, so I'm sharing it again.

Are you a strictly "Artsy" scrapper or do you dabble in it?  I don't do much, but I'm inspired to try.  If you have some Artsy projects to share, leave me a link in the comments and I'll 
check it out!  I'll see you tomorrow to explore our next style!


Romaine said...

I LOVE artsy, but can't do it. I wish I could! I am looking forward to seeing the rest!

Judy said...

Will you show layouts of the other styles? This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Yes Judy, we'll be featuring a style a day for the next week.

Domna said...

LOVE Natasha's layouts!!! But ealier I had never heard about Artsy style =0 Thanks for sharing!

BrendaB said...

Looking forward to seeing all the different styles...hopefully I'll find my style somewhere in the mix, LOL!

Southernbelle said...

These are all awesome! I would love to be able to create pages like that!

karennarelle said...

I love artsy but its definitely not me. maybe one day