Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frugal Finds: Masking tape, Packing Tape, Electrical Tape, and Scotch Tape on Papercrafting Projects

Last month we brought you projects made with coffee filters, this month your fearless leaders here at Practical Scrappers are bringing you projects made with tape. Our only rule for each other is that it couldn't be "made for scrapbooking/decorative tape." I really (really really) got into this one...there were so many fun possibilities. While none of us dove into duck tape (can you blame us?)...we tackled all the other major household varieties. Best of all we used them in ways that are kinda unexpected. Before you read the captions, take a look at the pictures and see if you can figure out where the tape is!

Christine wrangled and twisted long pieces of masking tape and made them into little rosettes.

Erin used long strips of scotch tape to cover the entire surface of her black cardstock base, trapping small punched shapes and sequins underneath. She then burnished the surface with a bone folder, rubbing gently around all the little shapes. After adhering her photos, she discovered that the slick surface just begged to be doodled on with a silver pen, and pearl pen, and was fun to stamp on as well.

Christine attached electrical strips in stripes and then, you guessed it, did some embedded embossing.

Christine folded over pieces of masking tape and then curled the strips under and started layering them to make a big fluffy flower. She topped it off with a big button and another masking tape rosette.

Kerri just cut out a pic from a magazine, applied packing tape to it, and soaked it in water. She then removed layer of wet paper, let it dry then cut it out.
Head to her blog for pics of the process.

Christine started with a circle and then starting from the outside pleated the masking tape along the edges, finishing one whole rotation before moving inwards. It was a little tricky and definitely sticky, but in the end came out pretty cool.

Have you ever done anything fabulous with tape? We'd love to see it, leave us a link here and we'll check it out!



Kim said...

WOW!!! Awesome and CREATIVE uses of tape:)

Erin said...

ok Christine, I'm claiming the crown for coffee filters, but you outdid yourself with the tape! I love those flowers!!

Southernbelle said...

What a great idea! All of these projects look fabulous!

Julie Day said...

Great ideas! Here is a card I made using colored pieces of masking tape. I just used my ink markers to apply color, let them dry and then stuck them to my card.

Esther said...

How creative all these projects are!!!

Sandi Cl~ said...

Awesome projects, ladies!

Angi @ CokiePop said... how you made rosettes out of tape. So crafty clever. Fab projects ladies. :)