Saturday, November 19, 2011

Twine Tree

Hi everyone! This is Ann and I'm here to show you a fun and quick Christmas decor idea. Don't you love how Practical Scrappers is idea central for everything Christmas? Keep coming back everyday for more great ideas for Christmas decor, pages, cards, and so much more. Today I want to share a quick tutorial on making a cute little Christmas tree!

Here's what you'll need:
styrofoam cone
twine of various colours
bling or gems or other embellishments
quick drying strong adhesive such as Beacon's

Twine1Working at the backseam, use strong quick dry adhesive to glue the end of the twine to the cone. I started at the top and worked my way down, wrapping the twine around the cone. After about an inch or so of wrapping, I switched the shade of green by snipping the end and adhering it to the backseam of the Styrofoam cone, and starting the new colour in the same way. This process is repeated throughout the height of the cone, just alternating green shades when it seems pleasing to do so.

Twine2Next, to adorn the twine wrapped tree, I made an assortment of pompoms from twine. To do this, you will need a fork. Snip a piece of twine about 2” long and set aside. Now, holding on to the end, wrap the twine around the twines of the fork. The bushiness of your pompom will vary depending on how many times you wrap the fork. Mine varied – some pompoms were 20, some were 25 and some were 30. Once you are done wrapping, snip the twine.

Twine3Grasp the piece of twine you set aside and tie it around the middle of the pompom by coming up from behind in the space between the centre tines.

Pull very tightly and tie a knot.

Then slide the pompom off the tines of the fork.


Twine5Using sharp scissors, snip between the loops.

Twine7Then begin to poof your pompom into shape, clipping long strands.
Then thread the needle with another colour of twine and string the pompoms on the twine (like you do popcorn at Christmas!) by inserting the needle through the knotted area. Experiment with the spacing of the pompoms, and then start to wrap your pompom garland around the tree. I started by adhering an end of the garland at the bottom of the tree, and wrapped it, again adjusting the placement of the pompoms. When I was satisfied, I used the glue to adhere the pompom to the wrapped cone.

TwinetreeTo finish the tree, I adhered various sized gems to it.
I also dabbed some sparkly Stickles to the pompoms.
Lastly, I wrapped a star shaped chipboard punchout with twine and then used a coiled wire to put it at the treetop.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial today!

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BrendaB said...

This is so cute! I love the little pom pom ornaments!

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So so adorable!!! Great idea!

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beautiful! Such a creative idea!

Ann said...

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fabulous Ann... great twine tree and the accents are perfect..