Saturday, January 14, 2012

Layout Contest: Group 3

Each day from now until Friday we will post a new group, today we are actually posting two.  You may vote for as many layouts as you would like - but once you've cast your votes it will not allow you a second round of voting.  You will vote separately for this group and group 2. The poll will close at the end of the day Central Standard Time.  For all other details please see the post at the top of  Practical Scrappers.
 Leila Cassimira Cardoso

 Shanna Nalywaiko

 Karen Zabuska

  Stacia Reiger

 Helena Johansson

 Jules Dix

 Malin Jonsson

 Pia Åstrand

Joan Borgelt

Sabrina Giordano

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Ana Lu said...

My vote goes to: Leila Cassimira Cardoso .

Good luck for all !!

Zilca said...

Voto; Leila cassimira Cardoso.


Sil said...

My vote is:Leila cassimira Cardoso!

juscrap said...

meu voto Leila Cassimira Cardoso

juscrap said...

meu voto Leila Cassimira Cardoso

Solange Marques said...

My vote is Leila Cassimira Cardoso