Saturday, June 9, 2012

A New Wallet For Dad!!

Practical Scrapper Kerri here with you this Saturday, bringing you a completely practical and functional gift for dad for Father's day.  How many of you have run out of time or ideas for dad?  My husband seems to go through wallets quickly.  Between that and my kids running around making those silly duct tape wallets, it got me thinking there must be some kind of origami paper wallet out there.  After doing some searching, I found this tutorial from Instructables website that you find the tutorial for this here.    Note: I did divert from the original  template, to make it more of a memory gift than just a functional use.  Here are some photos...

Front of the wallet all closed up.

The wallet opened up. Here you can see I created a little license for dad doing some photoshoping of printable kid's license that I found ( sorry, I can't remember where but will add the link if I find it).  You also see the start of my photo holder that I created.  To do that all I did was start with a 5" x 4" piece of cardstock.  With the 4" side going across your score board score at 3 1/2".  This is going to give you a 1/2" tab to tuck into the wallet.  Next turn your paper so the 5" length is going across your score board and score at 2 1/2" (dividing it exactly in half). With your 1/2" tab at the top, cut along the 2 1/2 inch score line from the bottom stopping when you get to the first score line.  Fold in half and use bone folder to crease along the 1/2" tab for clean lines. 

Shown here is the the end of the photo holder and the credit card (or gift card holder which I will be using this for).

A close up-up of the gift card area.  I used my Cricut with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge to create this ribbon.  The stamp is from Studio g (rubber cling mount stamps)

Here's a view looking down onto the wallet -and look there is money in there!

This was the other fun part and the kids really got a kick out of putting dad's photo on the money.  If you go to the website Money Festisite you can upload any photo you want (note you will want to crop your image first if there are any other people in the photo).  You have the choice of any currency you want to place it on.  The kids picked the $1,000,000 dollar bill, of course.

With them picking the $1,000,000 I couldn't resist but cut out some letters and write out on the back, "You're 1 in a 1,000,000!"
There you have it! A fun gift you can get everyone into that is a memory in itself, plus completely functional. This little thing will hold I 4 credit cards, money, and you could even add a pocket where I put the fake license to hold a real one.  The possibilities are there!

**Designer projects are not always linked in our posts, but you can always find their blogs in our sidebar or in the staff tab**
**Designer projects are not always linked in our posts, but you can always find their blogs in our sidebar or in the staff tab**


KrissyClarkMcKee said...

This is such a wonderful, cute idea! I love it!

Kristie Maynard said...

Oh my goodness! Is this too darn cute or what? I love it! I'm sure Dad will love it too.

gluemore girl said...

So love this Kerry, Great idea!!

QuesMom said...

How Kewl is this! Kerri, your work just amazes me!

Marg Van Patten said...

This is so clever! Thanks for the tutorial link.