Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Things You Can Do with: Fringe Scissors

Fringe scissors are a type of decorative edge scissor that have an added element of fun because they can cut into long pieces.  There are several brands out there but Martha Stewart has a pair that are most readily available.  This week we are featuring ideas on how to use these scissors in a new way!
1. Use them to decorate a gift
Practical Scrapper Ann Jobes used her fringe scissors to create this pompom from tissue paper to adorn this gift.

2. Create a weaved mat to use on a card or layout
Practical Scrapper Ann Jobes used her fringe scissors to cut strips that she then weaved to create this mat.

3. Distress Chipboard
Practical Scrapper Sarah used a fringe scissor to distress chipboard elements.

4. Create a grass hut look
 Practical Scrapper Erin Created her grass hut awning with a double strip of paper and fringe scissors.

5.  Create a unique border for a layout
Practical Scrapper Erin created a playful frame using fringe scissors.

6. Use this video link to create a fringe flower

7. Use the scissors to fringe material
These scissors work fabulous on paper and material and create a softer border when used with fabric.

8. Create grass
Once you have fringed, then trim it so it isn't all even just as Ann did here.

9. Create a decorative medallion
Ann created one by adhering her fringed strip to a chipboard piece

1O.  Cut your strips in both directions to create confetti just as Ann did.


Rhonda Emery said...

very cute ideas with those scissors. tfs.

Sarah C said...

Great ideas, ladies!! Such cute uses for the old fringe scissors :-)

Kristie Maynard said...

I've never worked with these and didn't realize there were so many uses for them. Wonderful projects!