Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Thankful Wreath

Happy November Everyone!!  

Hello! It's Practical Scrapper Patty here and I am so excited to be here today to share a new
 tradition I hope to carry on in our family.  
We made a "Thankful Wreath" to remind us each day of this season of all of the good things we have and that we have so much to be thankful for.  
I started with a straw wreath I picked up at our local Creative reuse store and I wound a brown floral ribbon around it and tied a bow.  

I used my Slice machine to die cut a variety of leaves out of fall colored papers. 

Next, I used rub-ons, stamps, pens and stickers to add the things we are thankful for to the leaves.

I embossed some veins on the back side of the leaves to create a little bit of texture and make them look a little more life-like.   

I used straight pins to place the leaves around the wreath.  Some leaves got one pin, some got two, one in each end to give them a bit of dimension.  

This time of year it is so easy to get caught up in all that has to get done and all the things the little ones wish for.  It is a good time to step back and remind ourselves what we have already been blessed with.  

I intended to hang the wreath on the front door.  I changed my mind quickly though, when I realized we would see it better and more often if I hung it in the kitchen. 

Each time I look at it I am reminded that we have so much and although it does not always seem like enough, it is more than many others have.  

We are truly blessed and I hope that you are too! 

Happy November!
Happy Fall!
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Charity Becker said...

LOVE it Patty. Another great use for rub-ons!