Thursday, December 6, 2012

Double Christmas Layout: Get those Pictures on the Page!

  Practical scrapper Patty here to give you an idea for getting all your Christmas (or any other) photos out of their boxes and onto the pages of your scrapbooks for everyone to see!  
I am guilty!!  I have several years worth of pictures to scrap and most of my pages have only one or two pictures on them.  At that rate, I will NEVER catch up!!  It was time to come up with a layout that will display more than one or two photos at a time.  
I found that if I took four 4X6 photos and laid them out in a square formation like this they fit with a perfect one inch border.  
I placed the word Christmas between the pages to bring the viewer's eye together to see this as one layout.  
A few other embellishments really brought this layout together!  

Have fun with it!  You could even use one box for journaling and use 7 pictures!  This layout can be used for any event that you have numerous photos for that you want to get out of their boxes and onto the page!!  

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