Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Things You Can Do With....Buttons!

Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons?  Our designers sure do!  From button stamps, to fabric covered buttons, they have 10 fabulous ideas that will have you buttoning all your newest craft projects up!

1.) Cluster them.

Practical Scrapper Linda made a cluster of buttons and some little "treasures" found by her 4 year old son.

2.) A little accent goes a long way.
Practical Scrapper Lanette used buttons to accent flowers to make a quick Congratulations Card.

3.)  Create some "Border" line fun!
Practical Scrapper Charissa used buttons to create a border along the button of her photo block to bring together all of the other round elements.

4.) Alter them with fabric.
Practical Scrapper Sarah covered buttons with scraps of fabric to create the balloons in her happy birthday card.

5.) Create a layered look with some button stamps.
Practical Scrapper Charity used button stamps and embossing powder to add layers to her layout.
6.) Button it up, up, and away!
Practical Scrapper Kenya used buttons in the raw to make balloons for this celebration card. 

7.) Add a dimensional topping!
Practical Scrapper Lisa created a cupcake shaped pocket birthday card to hold a note and a gift card for the recipient. She chose festive colored buttons to create the delicious looking frosting on the cake!

8.) Center point is where they should be.
Practical Scrapper Kelly Jean used buttons as the top layer of her handmade embellishments.  She used paper flowers, paper scraps, bunny and ribbon punches, and buttons to create the ready-to-use embellies.

9) Colorize your style!
Practical Scrapper Karen embossed grey buttons to match her rainbow layout because she didn’t have a purple or white button on hand.

10.) Accessorize yourself with some button jewelry.
Practical Scrapper Jenn C created button earrings using thread, earring loops, and 2 types of Stampin' Up! buttons.  She used the Pumpkin buttons as a base then added the clear buttons on top.  She added rhinestones for a little extra sparkle.


Jean said...

Cute ideas!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Fabulous - I LOVE buttons!