Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keychain Scrapbook!

Hi Ya'll! Practical Scrapper Patty here today to share my keychain scrapbook with you!  I love always having pictures of my kiddos with me and I thought this was the perfect combination of my love for my kiddos, and my love of scrapbooking!  
I started with some blank kraft chipboard and some paint and brushes. 
 I love how these chipboard pieces are textured and they were the perfect size for a keychain!
I painted each one to reflect my daughter's favorite colors and personality.  I wrote their names and birthday on the front sides as well.
We all have these sheets of proofs that you get with digital photos and I am always looking for ways to use them. I just hate to throw them away! 
The backs of each piece have two pictures of each girl and some sticker accents.  I used packing tape to laminate them by folding a piece over each tag and pressing the sides together. Then I trimmed the excess off and strung them on a ball chain with a bead between each one.  
Here is the finished product, you can find close ups of each tag on my blog.
I hope this will inspire you to create a keychain scrapbook so you can carry your little loves with you wherever you go!  

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