Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staplers and the Staples that fill them!

Staplers come in many sizes and reaches, with  just as many types, colors, and styles of staples to fill them. Staples are a necessary item used in the office, at school, by surgeons, and are even found in royal apartments!!! In fact the first stapler was made for Louis the XV of France. (According to Wiki.) Todays post is all about these lovely hand machines and their oh-so-convenient fasteners.
Attach Ribbon:
Practical Scrapper Kristy MacKeen used staples to adhere her ribbon to her layout.
Make X's:
Practical Scrapper Deborah used staples to secure her banner and to create an additional design element to her card.
Enhance a Stamped Image:
Practical Scrapper Wendy used brightly colored staples to create the flash burst on the camera and add detail to the background banner on this quick ten minute card.
Attach a Banner:
Practical Scrapper Jennifer Campbell used staples to attach pennants to her card.
Make a Rainbow Chevron:
Practical Scrapper Karen used colored staples to form a chevron border on this cute friendship card
Attach a Photo Corner:
Practical Scrapper Lee-Anne Thornton handmade a photo corner and stapled it to the photo on her art journal.
Paint Them:
Practical Scrapper Kelly Jean painted silver staples in various colors then stapled them onto her card. See close-ups and photos of the process on her blog.
Make Streamers:
Practical Scrapper Charity attached staples into strands and "hung" them from brads.
But how about this great idea!!!!
Attach a mini-album directly to the layout.
Practical Scrapper Lisa Moen used staples to make a matchbook to add extra photos to her layout. Please visit her blog for details.
Staplers...I hear you go a little coo coo if someone takes yours, but we'd be happy to have you use our ideas over and over. Post a photo of your next "stapled" project to the Facebook page!
Scrap On!


Jean said...

Great ideas!

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Love all the staple ideas!

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Great ideas! Great job ladies!