Monday, November 11, 2013

Snowman Lanterns

Hello Practical Scrapper Fans!  The cold weather has set in and winter is on it's way here in Northwestern Pennsylvania ( and it just so happens that a winter storm is on its way overnight).  You know what that means-- time to get ready for the holidays!

Now those of you who have been Practical scrapper fans for a few now will remember this I shared this project before, but the thing I like most about crafting is reinventing what already works.  So here is my snowman lantern with some new and improved updates.

   photo null_zpsf6a8dace.jpg

So here's what it is...
1 recycled spaghetti jar and lid
remnants fleece for the hat and tie
Coffee Stain/with Elmer's Glue
12 gauge black wire
 frosted glass
Krylon Diamond Dust glitter spray
Modge Podge acrylic gloss sealer
Acrylic paints (Americana Lantern black, burnt orange, snow white)
Frosty Snow--fake snow
Aleene's Tacky Spray Adhesive
hot glue gun
Creative Memories Circle cutter (6")
1 LED candle light

I start with the jars and spray with frosted glass...two coats allowing time to dry in between.  Then I begin on the hat.  The brim of the hat is a 6 inch circle I cut using my creative memories cutting system.  The the middle of the hat is 3" x 9" strip of fleece and the top is a 2 1/2 " circle cut again with my cutting system. I apply my coffee stain mixed with Elmer's glue by dunking into a bowl then wring out.  I leave them scrunched a bit, lay them out a cookie sheet and bake at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes --checking often!! CAREFUL--they will catch fire if overcooked.  I then turn off the oven and open the door and allow to continue to dry in the oven while I paint my face.  After painting, I glue the 6" circle to the lid.  Then I glue the middle strip fleece around small 2 and half inch circle, and attach both to the lid centered on the 6" circle.
Add some spray adhesive around the rim and top and sprinkle frosty snow on top-- Twinklet's Diamond Dust also works well. Lastly, I spray my jar with Krylon diamond dust glitter spray, allow a few minutes then seal with Modge Podge Glossy sealer. Add the wire to make a handle around the rim of jar, put candle in, add the hat to the top, and there you have it!

Thanks for stopping in!