Friday, April 25, 2014

On Trend- Bokeh

The Bokeh effect is a fairly hot trend right now in the scrapbooking world, showing up largely in patterned papers ( in circles as well as stars, hearts and hexagons). Knowing how to achieve bokeh in your photographs is one thing...figuring out how to correctly pronounce it may be another all together. I found this informative blog post by photographer Nicholas Jones if you care to know if it should rhyme with Mocha or Okay.
Just for the record, I'm still torn- good thing it doesn't matter how it sounds when it comes to creating with it. 
Check out these projects: 

Practical Scrapper Erin used photos featuring Bokeh, as well as creating a bokeh effect on her paper using distress stains and large irredecsent sequins.

Practical Scrapper Majken Pullin created a bokeh effect using cut-out circles, ink spritzing, and vellum.

Practical Scrapper Wendi Robinson used bokeh patterned paper on her layout

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Leslie Germain said...

Love the bokeh inspired projects!! FUN!!