Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Distressing Paper by Crumpling, Sanding and Tearing

Distressing is a popular trend in scrapbooking that can bring a unique look and add dimension to your layouts and cards. Many think distressing is only for creating that old vintage/antique feel that makes you think of a shabby chic style. But, you can also add a lot of fun to bright colorful layouts with some distressing, or even create masculinity by adding some distressing to your projects. Today we are going to talk about three fun ways to distress your projects: paper crumpling, sanding, and tearing
Here is an example by one of our designing team members, Kim, showcasing some paper crumbling.

Kim Sparks

How do you create this effect? Simply wad up your paper into a ball.
You may want to experiment with how much or how tightly you wad your paper. Now unfold your paper and flatten with your hands or you may even choose to use a brayer or a warm iron.
To create more dimension, as Kim has done here, you can even go back and add ink over the crumpling.

On to the next technique of sanding...
In these two projects created by design team members
Deanne and Nadya, two completely different feels are achieved by the same technique.

Nadya Fitz-Henry

Deanne Kuntz

In this first card, Nadya has crumpled her Core'dinations paper, then she lightly sanded the crumpling to reveal the other color which created a weathered,eerie look for her fall card. In Deanne's fun birthday card you have to look closely to see her distressing. She lightly sanded the embossed dots on her red cardstock, but then to add another layer of dimension she inked over her sanding. So, what do you sand with? I like to go to my dollar store and buy up some small emery boards or even pedicure blocks. You may even want to raid your husband or father's workshop for some fine grit sand paper.

The last technique we are going to talk about is tearing. I love to tear paper! There is nothing better after a bad day then coming to sit in my office and start distressing some paper by tearing it all up--it's a great stress relief, plus great effect on your projects. Here's a project that I created where I was having one of those days where I needed to distress some paper.

Kerri Yarus

In this layout, I did my tearing to create the rugged sporty feel to my soccer layout. And how does one go about tearing their paper? It's very easy - just start ripping. Actually, you can try a number of different things these days. Experiment by pulling your paper both towards and away from you; you can also find the rulers out there that you can use as a guide to create your torn border. Sometimes you may find you have a heavier cardstock that is more difficult to tear. In this case you can first spray the edge of the paper you want to tear with water, which will allow it to tear away more easily. Then lightly pull away.

We hope you enjoyed this first article, please feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the new format and the preview of what is to come for Practical Scrappers.

We will be taking submissions for cards that use distressing techniques from now until October 12, 2010. All cards to be considered for publishing should be sent to:
Please title your email's subject as "Distressed Cards Call."
Again, October 12, 2010 deadline for Distressed Cards Call!


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Чудесни идеи!Благодаря за споделянето!Хубав ден!

MommaSaid said...
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MommaSaid said...

I LOVE to use distressing on my layouts; but haven't yet tried on a card. Lately, I start by fraying the edges of my paper with (apparently) dulling scissors. Invariably, I end up tearing paper in the process; which is then fun to curl or pin back to reveal a coordinating pattern on the other side. I like to save sanding for my embellishments.

Dawn said...

You are the queen of distress my friend

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Looks good. I like the colors of the blog and the ease of the setup! Off to explore some more!